The Hard Chargers:

20130908_2910-2751966936-OThe Hard Chargers is a law enforcement, corrections based, motorcycle enthusiast group founded in 2006 by a Correctional Officer out of New Hampshire, USA. In September 2010, Ontario became the first international chapter. The group was established specifically for corrections personnel, their families and friends.

For more information: www.hcmcontario.com




Jewish National Fund:

20130908_2880-2751920260-OSince its inception in 1901, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been the sole agency responsible for the development and infrastructure of land in Israel. JNF’s many programs include land reclamation,reforestation and road building. From the Negev Desert to the Galilee, lush green spaces, rich farmland and cities pulsating with life have blossomed out of swamp, desert and mountain rock.

For more information: www.jnftoronto.ca






Correctional Officers Ride

Location: Rio Can Mall Target Parking Lot
Address: 190 Kingston Rd E L1Z 0C7
Time: 9:00AM