The December 2, 2010 Carmel Forest fire destroyed thousands of acres of natural habitat and severely damaged many residential homes in the area. A bus of prison wardens en route to Damon Prison to assist in the evacuation of 500 prisoners caught in the path of the fire. The blaze traveled 1500 metres in less than three minutes and engulfed the bus, no one on the bus survived. Thirty seven prison wardens, the bus driver, 3 police officers, 1 firefighter and a 16 year old volunteer firefighter were tragically claimed by the fire.

“Although we live and work in different parts of the world, we all have the same hopes and fears. We do our job the best we can and hope to get back home safe and sound.”

~Dave Mackinnon, President of HCMC Ontario

The Project:

We will never be able to ease the pain of the families who lost loved ones, but we hope to ease the financial burden by ensuring that the children of the fallen prison wardens will have no barriers to education.

Funds raised from the motorcycle ride will go to an educational scholarship fund for the children of the fallen prison wardens. The scholarship will be awarded to primary school children, high school pupils and university students.