Stephen Harper was sworn in as Canada's 22nd Prime Minister on February 6, 2006. Among his many accomplishments, Prime Minister Harper steered Canada through the worst recession in 50 years by supporting job creation and long-term prosperity for all Canadians through pro-growth initiatives. He rebuilt Canada’s military, has staunchly defended victims of crime and restored Canada’s strong voice on the world stage.

Under the direction of Prime Minister Harper, Canada is now a leader in the international fight against anti-semitism and raising awareness of the heinous crimes of the Holocaust. At the UN, Canada stands tall as a nation of principle by defending the freedom and dignity of all people.

JNF Toronto is honoured to have this extraordinary world leader as our 2013 honouree.

Proceeds from the 2013 Negev Campaign will support the building of the Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre.

Jewish National Fund’s Hula Lake Nature and Bird Park is located along a major global migration route. Every year during spring and fall migration close to 500 million birds fly over Israel, passing over or spending winter, spring or summer in the Hula Valley.

Developed by KKL-JNF as part of the Hula Valley Rehabilitation Plan, the park has become a local and global attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year from Israel and abroad and serves as a model for cooperation between conservationists, tourists and farmers.

Through your support, KKL-JNF is establishing a 4,000 square meter state-of-the-art visitor center at this unique site. The Centre is at the heart of the Hula Valley’s vital wetland rehabilitation project. The centre will be a world-class scientific and educational facility, designed to blend with its environment according to principles of sustainable development. It will link Israel with scientific communities and travelers from around the world. The site is expected to attract one million local and international tourists annually, more than doubling the current number, within 10 years.

JNF Toronto will help transform a vision into a reality. The Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor & Education Centre will benefit the environment and become a major source of income for the residents of the area. With your help, the planned visitor and education centre will undoubtedly become the pinnacle of KKL-JNF’s major project, restoring the Hula wetlands to their former glory.